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Expertise Meets Holistic Solutions

Goldbelt Nighthawk offers an integrated, holistic cybersecurity workforce that is enthusiastic, continuously learning and progressive, fully-committed to the implementation of dynamic, holistic cybersecurity solutions that effectively address the needs of our customers. The Goldbelt Nighthawk team offers flexibility and expertise across the cybersecurity field, offering customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

Seven Principles of How We Do Business:

Securely Provision

Goldbelt Nighthawk employs a range of processes and frameworks to support a variety of customers and their organization. Our cyber professionals are experts in Agile and Kanban Agile processes or can implement and lead organizations in Scaled Agile Framework processes to determine a holistic development path with the support of customer leadership, consistent with the individual Strategy, goals and objectives in to speed delivery and functionality to the customer in the following areas:

  • Systems Requirement Planning
  • Systems Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Information Assurance Compliance
  • Authorization and Accreditation

Operate and Maintain

Goldbelt Nighthawk’s technical resource offerings are very diverse in order to successfully support multiple platforms in challenging environments with multiple tools. This capability allows us to offer the best solution for each business condition and existing environment. Our goal is to provide our clients with clean, custom-tailored professional solutions, which allow them to achieve and exceed their organizational objectives while providing maximum flexibility. We specialize in project-oriented work and focus on complete, timely and accurate deliverables to measure our success in:

  • System Administration
  • Network Services
  • Systems Security Analysis
  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Data Administration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Systems Security Management

Protect and Defend

Goldbelt Nighthawk will utilize the latest tools and techniques to identify anomalous network traffic that may indicate network intrusions. Our professionals analyze the current security architecture, seeking to identify gaps in security monitoring capabilities, making recommendations to add new or additional network sensors or implement new techniques that will facilitate enhanced network monitoring capabilities. We also utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques that will facilitate identification of misbehavior of protocol state machines. Ultimately, our professional technical staff implement an effective Defense in Depth strategy that includes perimeter defense, reverse engineering and offensive cyber expertise to develop binary signatures and leverage event correlation methodologies. Our in-depth knowledge of the most sophisticated adversarial techniques to identify gaps, tune network sensors and develop algorithms and techniques will continuously evolve through our Agile development and continuous delivery model.

  • Computer Network Defense Infrastructure Support
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Incident Response
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Security Program Management


Goldbelt Nighthawk’s approach stems from our in-depth understanding of baseline system and network operations and advanced algorithm development. We apply our deep understanding of operating systems internal operations, data structures, file systems to develop tools that detect processes that alter these data structures or behave in ways that would deviate from normal operations as part of our investigative approach to cyber incidents supporting:

  • Investigation
  • Digital Forensics

Operate and Collect

It is well known that network sensors alone are not capable of detecting sophisticated adversaries, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems and Security Information and Event Management Systems must be tuned to minimize false positives and ensure focus is directed towards actual events. Goldbelt Hawk will apply our offensive cyber operations knowledge to counter common tactics, techniques and procedures that are commonly used to obtain a foothold within a network and to conduct movement throughout a network to gain a deeper and more redundant means of persistence.  Having this offensive background facilitates a much more in-depth understanding of the protocols and vulnerabilities leveraged for lateral movement within a network, such as SMB chains, enhancing defensive posture and situational awareness in:

  • Collection Operations
  • Cyber Operations Planning
  • Cyber Operations


Goldbelt Nighthawk will minimize false positive alerts, keeping responders engaged with real threats. In order to achieve this goal, Goldbelt Hawk will continuously analyze the heuristics and signatures against the binary data that generate alerts in host and network-based intrusion detections systems. Applying principles of corroborating data, where multiple sources may be utilized to validate events, Goldbelt Hawk will continue to refine signatures and develop new heuristics to ensure false positives are continuously decreased. In order to gauge success, Goldbelt Hawk will continuously collect and monitor network defense data in a quantitative manner. Analyzing the data statistically, Goldbelt Hawk will develop a clear understanding of what techniques are working and those that are fallible to the extent they must be deprecated. We will apply our expertise in:

  • Cyber Threat Analysis
  • Exploitation Analysis
  • Targets
  • All-Source Intelligence


Goldbelt Nighthawk engineers rely on variety of standards and resources to support our customers. Our professionals are thoroughly familiar experts in ITIL, NIST standards, IEEE and other quality metrics. We provide:

  • Legal Advice and Advocacy
  • Education and Training
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Configuration Management Planning and Implementation

Additional Focus Areas

  • Cloud Security & Migration
  • Software Development Lifecycle Management
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Continuity of Operations Planning and Staffing
  • Disaster Recovery/Restoration Operations
  • Information Management
    • Data Governance
    • Architecture & Standards Development
    • Data Policy
    • Data Management Planning and Administration
    • Software & Services Development