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What We Do

Development, experimentation, solutions.

What We Do

Keeping Your Business Flying High

Goldbelt Nighthawk is focused on cybersecurity, digital information management, and the development of advanced IT systems, serving both Government and commercial clients with our team of outstanding solutions staff. We offer a low-risk, high-reward RFP process, and capabilities including a high-level capture team, a writing team, an objective red team, and more – with a sharp, watchful eye ready to swoop in to meet your needs.

Our primary NAICS code is 541519 – Other Computer Related Services.

Goldbelt Night Hawk’s full list of NAICS Codes:
334111, 335920, 423430, 423690
517110, 517911, 517919, 519190
541330, 541511, 541512, 541513
541519, 541720, 541990, 561499
561621, 561990, 611420, 611519
921190, 928110

Application Security

Our developers and cyber workforce ensures that applications have security built-in rather than implementing security as an afterthought. We ensure that our customers have secure web applications that protect organizations, their interests and assets.

Information Security

Our evaluators and analysts ensure that business records, personal data, customer data and intellectual property are hardened to prevent disclosure to unauthorized entities.

Network Security

Our engineers and technicians ensure that customer networks and data are available and reliable. Our analysts conduct penetration testing to assess the vulnerabilities in systems, and identify security issues with servers, hosts, devices and network services and provide mitigation approaches to protect them.

Business Continuity Planning

Our engineers, technicians and analysts are proactive in evaluating potential threats to operations and the cyber landscape of an organization. This provides early preparation for interference or cyber threats and implementing anticipatory plans to ensure the continuity of operations.

Operational Security

Our analysts and cyber professionals track critical assets to identify vulnerabilities that threaten organization functionality and provide methods to prevent disruption or degradation of high value assets.

End-user Education & Training

Despite the tools and technology that permeate the cybersecurity domain, threats to the cyber environments are fundamentally human endeavors. Our cybersecurity professionals provide organizations with effective training to assist building a culture within our customers focused on the role that employees and users perform in the effective implementation of cyber-related practices and policies. Anti-phishing campaigns and training and recognition of potential insider threats and behaviors are focus areas of our professional trainers.